“Amanda’s on the Edge is filled with heart & family, with fun and, of course, fabulous food.”


Our Story

Amanda’s on the Edge is filled with heart and family, with fun and of course fabulous food. Born of Grandma’s dream – a whirlwind woman who created a cooking school in her days and always said, “When I have my restaurant…”

And so, we always knew it was going to be.

23 years ago my brother discovered this block – a blank canvas yearning to be reinvented. There was nothing much here, apart from a few old remnant posts from the 70’s when it was host to the local horse races.

Pokolbin Restaurant

And so it began. We all chipped in, and stage one was launched – the building of a home, then the cottages in stage 2 and of course the restaurant, Amanda’s on the Edge.

Once the business was in full swing, Mum and Dad were getting on in their years, however tireless and joyful (and still oh-so-in-love) they could often be seen busy in the restaurant – shining glassware, folding napkins, collecting fresh herbs – doing whatever needed to be done.

Modern Australian Restaurant in hunter valley

Still to this day they book their favourite table for lunch on Fridays, sitting by the sun dappled window seat amongst the businessmen, the couples, the family celebrations… happy to be together in their dream.

The philosophy of the North family has been, ‘The harder you work, the luckier you get.’ And so it has been with love and tending to the land that made a vision come true. Amanda’s on the Edge – is now a much-loved and celebrated venue that continues to delight and charm visitors to the valley.

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